Franco A. Romero, MA, MPH

Franco is a Top 10 bestselling author, clairvoyant, spiritual coach and speaker.  His first book is titled “The Closet Spiritualist” which was inspired by a near death experience which left him clairvoyant.  Abilities he was unwilling to recognize until an Awakening in 2010 where he was re-introduced to a collective consciousness known as Caleb.  A Voice which has been guiding him since he was a young boy.

Franco is currently writing his second book titled “The Modern Day Alchemist” which looks at our future from the perspective of God Consciousness. A science of the mind that is only now being revealed to humanity for the purpose of creating “heaven on earth” in the coming decade.  Franco holds two masters’ degrees and is co-founder of MyNurish, a formulator of powerful, superfood and plant-based nutrition for the body, mind and soul.


The Closet Spiritualist

2022 Global Book Awards Finalist

Many of today’s spiritual teachers rarely share the raw and intimate details that led to their personal enlightenment.  An aspect of their humanity that would benefit the millions who are or will soon be “coming out” to their own, inner Awakening.   A bond that says, “I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there before.”  An ability to relate that is so profound that maybe, just maybe, it could inspire even the quietest or most isolated among us to greatness.

The Closet Spiritualist chronicles the true life story of Franco Romero who, as an infant, had a near death experience that would leave him clairvoyant.  Abilities that would introduce him to a collective consciousness as a boy and a friendship with an inner Voice that would last a lifetime.  But along the way, Franco would face many trials and tribulations as he grappled with his spiritual identity.  An identity crises that would lead him on an inner quest for the Truth regarding his purpose here on earth and humanity’s destiny with its own Awakening!


Reviews & Testimonials

The fact that you are holding this book means you have, or will soon experience, a significant awakening to the voice of Source within you. How you respond to the calling depends entirely on you, but Franco shows us how the way can be made easier. His intimate sharing of a lifelong search for answers to his spiritual revelations offers a roadmap. If you are ready to be challenged, this book can serve as an effective operator’s manual as you find your truth within this game you call life.

Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D.
Author & Software Developer of the Joy Spring App

The world has plenty of seers. It has fewer people who can hear. Rare is the person who is both a visionary and a ‘listenary.’ Franco is one of these special individuals. Read this book and you shall see and hear in ways you could never have imagined!

Jack Uldrich
Author & Internationally-known Futurist & Speaker

An eye-opening, educational and inspiring book helping guide you toward finding your Higher Self. Franco uses personal realizations and stories to help you understand the Universe and yourself. Whether you are on your personal healing and awakening journey or simply want to know more about yourself, this is the book for you! I very highly recommend.

Rachel A

Powerful read, opening pathways and spiritual revelations beyond expectations. Spiritual identity and life purpose spill from the pages. Ready to do my second read, this time with marker at hand. Might make an interesting read for your book club.

I sent over a dozen as gifts to my special friends. Great gift.


I loved this book and how clearly Franco Romero describes his inner quest to return home to the light of his authentic Self. His honesty and knowing resonated with my soul as he describes the Universal Truth of our ability and responsibility to choose to answer our own inner calling back to greatness...a priceless gift to us all!
I highly recommend this book.

Shannon Poppie

This book was riveting and opened my mind to so much more and how we've got to go within to find our Truth. For so long I have looked outside of myself for answers and now I am excited to use all aspects of my brain AND heart. Franco has a great story and great heart. I am referring his message to everyone I know that is looking for real transformation, ready to come out of the "closet" with their spirituality

Lois Tiedemann Koffi

Franco Romero with his collective, Caleb, provide a rich introduction, overview, and action plan for individual and humanity awakening. The tools and processes are new to help humans/spirit move into the 4th and 5th dimensions. If you’re reading this you’re ready to shine your light and step into your purpose. It’s going to be a blast!

Anne Pryor

Franco with his Collective, Caleb, lovingly shattered my reality and showed me the mirror I know as my life. He walked with me through the darkness, sharing his light, as I remembered my own. In my inner quest to integrate my higher Self with me, Franco was always there to offer a hand and pull me up to a new perspective. Thank you so, so much for all your dedication, love and support in bringing me Home again.

Stephanie Loomis

Working with Franco was a life changing event! He helped me go within in ways that trumped meditation or any other mechanism I had tried before. With Franco, I was able to go on an inner quest to find my truth in a safe way that guided me beyond my depression to a place where I could achieve my fullest potential as a transformational alchemist. Now I am doing this for others with the same self-empowerment techniques!

Didier K
Transformational Healer & Medium

I had the honor of being introduced to Franco a short time ago. In our very first meeting I was blown away by our conversation.  It was like being back home, listening to truth, and connecting with my heart.  Franco doesn’t hold back and in doing that he revealed to me the truth of my life that had been hiding behind the lies I believed to be life.  I am eternally grateful for knowing him and feeling his soul.

Gail Kraft
Empowerment Master, Motivational Speaker, Writer & Podcaster

Franco is wise, engaging, and has a unique way of showing us the light that shines within us all. As a coach, mentor, and spiritual teacher, he helps us access The Inner Child we came here to remember and of the consciousness that connects us all. As a teacher of teachers, I would recommend Franco and his book if you are ready to suspend your beliefs and enter into your light.

Risё Severson Kasmirski, MA
Author, Coach, Mystic & Founder of Right Path Careers

I connected with Franco at the most perfect time to help put the necessary pieces of my spiritual puzzle together. In times of confusion or doubt, his guidance was a guiding light, helping me navigate the challenges along my spiritual path. His ability to listen deeply and offer profound insights provided me with invaluable support and guidance. Allowing me to transcend limitations and experience personal breakthroughs. Thank you for being a beacon of light and for sharing your wisdom and love so generously.

Cory B

Inviting Franco to be a guest on my podcast changed my life. As he began to share, I immediately felt like I knew him well beyond just this lifetime. As he shared his story, I found myself so consumed with tears of profound love. The depth of emotion I felt totally overtook me. His words and his energy of love - as an advanced spirit and messenger - stopped me in my tracks.

My one-on-one work with him only amplified this powerful experience as it began to raise my awareness of not only what is possible but more importantly, who we are. If you have the chance to work with him, I strongly encourage you to take it!

Kristin Taylor, M.A.
Host of How I Made It Through

Recently, I had the great fortune of an audience with renowned spiritual teacher and guide Franco Romero. To my delight, I found that spending time with Franco is like being hit with a velvet sledgehammer of profoundly spiritual and immensely practical insights. His ability to understand and connect with people is so robust he was able to quickly build a strong rapport with me and offer life-changing guidance and advice.

During our 30+ minutes together, Franco shared dynamic observations and explained them simply enough that I was able to make use of them immediately. In fact, what I learned from him continues to open up my world and open me up to the world, as well. My confidence, capabilities, energy, and foresight are at all-time highs, and still growing! I strongly recommend working with Franco to help you remember what lies within your inner world so that you can start manifesting a greater version of your life today!

Greg Kuhn
Host of Manifest The Big Stuff


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